Our Process

Unraveling the process of what all goes into providing you what you order!

The process of apparel manufacturing is indeed a medium of artistic vision. How so? It depends upon multiple intricate steps of intricacies and refinement; one wrong move and loads of garment can go towards the discarding line as Loomes have a strict policy to deliver only the best and nothing rest. For the ease of your understanding, we have jotted down the practices we, as best clothing manufacturers, toil with into five basic steps, which are as follows:

Step # 1- Designing

The pre-production phase of planning involves the decision of the patterns, material, and stitch type to develop the prototype of the design to assure the quality of the product from inception to creation.

Step # 2- Manufacturing

The garment is then moved towards the production phase, where it is printed, cut, and sewn without wasting any material as we know how costly fabric is, so we play no cheap tricks to add up to the cost you have to pay.

Step # 3- Quality Control

The garment, after the product, enters the phase where it is checked for any default or errors that can be fixed time before it gets packed to get to you. The defaulted pieces are sent back to production for replacement with the products of quality.

Step # 4- Supply Chain

Once the apparel is prepared and packed by the production house of Loomes for shipment, it is then delivered to you based on your choice of supply chain management system, be it through CNF, Cargo, or Drop shipping.

Step # 5- Feedback

Our work doesn’t end till your satisfaction rate with the product reaches 100%; we keep a tab to offer you customer service with any or every query or feedback you want us to facilitate. We work on the philosophy of “Happy customer or no customer at all!”; therefore, we don’t work half-heartedly.

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