Order Status Reporting

Walkthrough the order process once it is placed!

At Loomes, we are in total consideration of the fact that you care about your money and remain anxious if the work you have assigned and promised will be delivered on time and with quality or not. It is exactly why to subside your undue worries of remote buying and no free sampling, we offer a roadmap of the process we work on to facilitate your quest and to justify the advance payment we ask for.

Phase #1

Once the order confirmation is received, your requirements will be effectively brought to the discussion table with the apparel manufacturers and consultants responsible for making the delivery possible. After penning it down, the workflow is finalized for the execution.

Phase #2

Following the planning phase of pre-production, all the activities and raw materials required to offer the best clothing product are lined up to support the operations required to do an exemplary job of it.

Phase #3

The custom request you made for the design on the apparel is then digitized accordingly to suit the machine requirement for getting the proper print of it.

Phase #4

The raw material then enters the phase where it is cut into the shapes specified as per your measurements, keeping the pattern and panels in utmost consideration.

Phase #5

The apparel is forwarded to the phase where it completes its printing and dyeing to get the right look. Once the material is printed, it is then sewed and tagged as per the style and measurements specified.

Phase #6

The apparel enters the quality checking phase to ensure your expectations in terms of the clothing product you entrusted us with. If a product doesn’t pass our standard, it is replaced before it is sent your way.

Phase #7

Each garment is then ironed, folded, and then packed carefully in polythene bags to keep them safe in the shipment phase.

Phase #8

Your order is then handed over to a shipment company, and adequately you are informed about it. Once it reaches you, we take back the feedback and adequately work on it if needed, which seldom happens as customers at Loomes have been nothing less than ecstatic with the products they are presented with.

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