Answering your most distressing queries

Who said it would be easy to start up your own clothing brand? We know the importance of the criticality of this moment, as we, too, remember how many questions we had in mind when the decision to start this venture took place. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any place to get reliable information, but to save you from the hassle, we contacted our apparel consultants and sat with them to answer the most commonly asked questions. If your queries about our services, company, or products remain unanswered, you can always give us a call.

When will you get back to me if I contact or ask for a quote?

At Loomes, we have dedicated customer support managers to deal with any query that lands up on our website within fleeting minutes. As soon as your query lands up, you will get a reply. With the dedicated managers, your quest will be supported from the moment of query till the end of the delivery; any questions you may have, the project manager's utmost duty is to actively resolve them.

What if I want to order more designs?

You can, if it is of the same design, within three days of placing the order for a particular design. However, if it is of a different design, then the minimum quantity for the order has to be 50 per design, which too must be placed within the same duration of order placement.

Is the portfolio all that you have for your website’s apparel catalog?

The products listed on our website are surely not all that we have to offer, since seldom does this happen that the customization requirements resemble the other. We have uploaded only a handful of projects we have worked on since the website has its own limits. If you wish to see a particular design or if you are in search of looking for what you need, ask us, and we will accordingly accommodate your quest.

Will I be kept in the loop of apparel production?

Who else will be kept if not you? At Loomes, our customer’s satisfaction is our utmost priority, which is why we don’t enter the next phase until and unless your heads-up isn’t received at it. Neither do we cut, sew, print, embroider, sublimate, or create prior to your in-writing approval. We facilitate your request for pictures in any lighting, angle, and numbers you require considering the physical gap. However, your approval must be given within 24 hours of sending you the proof.

Can I get rush orders?

Yes, you may. However, it must be communicated beforehand at the time of order placement. If once the order is placed and later in production, you ask us to rush, it is highly possible that the existing workload on the production may not enable us to cater to this need of yours. Nonetheless, we charge a specific amount as per the day when we receive a rush order request.

How many products do I need to order for the manufacturing services?

We can accommodate to biggest numbers of orders to facilitate big clothing enterprises, yet we focused on making it easier for small enterprises or start-ups as well, which is why we kept our minimum order quantity of 50 items per design. We employed this practice to make sure that you can start the journey with materials of unique designs and then go for more orders rather than just starting with one in thousands of quantities. Since we offer no pre-sampling, this is also a way of compensation for that to avoid the hassle.

Do you charge in advance?

Yes, indeed, we practice advance payments to lock the deal once we receive the order. The rest can be paid once the work is delivered of satisfying quality, but we don’t move forward with the production of the order until and unless we receive payment made right after the order confirmation.

What to do if my order shows up with an issue?

We make sure that this doesn’t happen, as we keep you in a thorough loop throughout the production phases, yet, if it still occurs, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Get back to your dedicated project manager with whatever issue you may be facing, be it misprinting, error in stitching, or any other problem. We will accommodate your query according to the standard policies and procedures that a professional apparel manufacturers company like Loomes has set in practice.

What is the best way to contact you?

At Loomes, we have adapted to every mode of communication, be it via email or call. However, email is preferable as it helps both you and us to cut down on errors that may be accounted as communication gaps. It also empowers both the parties to stay put over the decisions and have a source to revisit the conversation as it is all kept in writing for record maintenance.

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