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Custom clothing is the new cool. In this era where everyone tries to stand out regarding fashion, sometimes people make stupid choices. but at the same time, those silly choices turn out to be one of the best clothing options becoming trend setters. Trends are the easiest to establish because now the world gives you plenty of space to practice the fashion you want to wear. It is like having an empty canvas where you can spread the colors of your creativity as far as you wish. Nothing is a hard and fast rule now; everyone is allowed to do whatever they want to.

How has fashion evolved over the years?

Back in the ancient era, there were only two genders. Male and female. The other genders existed even before then, but nobody bothered to care or speak about them. But dynamics have changed since binary, non-binary, bisexual, transsexual, and heterosexual people entered the frame. These people have changed the game of how one chooses to dress up. Dressing up is all about the “vibe” now. The best clothing manufacturers pay attention to what people want instead of introducing something of their own. Brands and small companies are now launching campaigns to bring awareness about the genders in society, which can be quickly done through clothes movements. In the past, customized clothes were designed primarily for social issues, and people wore them to support the causes. Excellent examples of such events are George Floyd’s black lives matter movement. An insane amount of campaigns were run by multiple brands that brought people on the streets.


People trust custom clothing manufacturers USA, majorly because these brands are woke and fashion forward at the same time. It is essential to understand the sensitivity of the issues and to bring awareness regarding them through any available platform. So, they make sure to factor in the coolness yet keep the message intact to balance the equation. Loomes Apparel is one such brand, aspiring to build a good brand name by providing the best of America to their clients. In this blog, we’ll be talking about the things you should remember while manufacturing custom clothing or purchasing them. It might look risky and challenging, but once you have stepped in, you’ll do nothing but enjoy every single aspect of it. Designing apparel that brings nothing but comfort and perky looks is not as complicated as you think it is. Here are some tips that will save you time and money both.

Why are you making the purchase?

Now, it may sound like an idiotic question to ask yourself, but it is essential. If you’re getting t-shirts customized for something, you need to get into the depth of the reason why you’re doing it. You need to think about all the people who’ll be wearing them and the tasks they’ll be performing while wearing them. For example, if you own a company and need to distribute some flyers all over the town, think about how many times people will wear those t-shirts? In this situation, consider the weather as well. Because if the task requires standing in extreme weather for more than five hours, you have to choose the fabric wisely. Using bright colors, significant designs, and calls-to-action on the back to captivate attention will work really well in this scenario. Similarly, if you need tees for the staff of your new coffee shop, choose a dark color, place the logo somewhere on the extreme left and choose a soft, comfortable fabric since they’ll be wearing it all day. If you’re planning to spread word of mouth through your customers, get ambassadors t-shirts made. Use something quirky, grateful, or anything that will make them smile wide and remember you so that you aren’t overwhelming but also getting your work done in time.

Building a brand is essential; you can easily do that once you invest your efforts in the right places.

How many are you getting?

Your hard-earned money should be invested in the right places. So, you need to know the number of custom t-shirts or any other piece of clothing you’re planning to get customized because if you don’t, it will be very frustrating for you to buy too few or too many. Manufacturers usually manufacture the customized design in batches, so when you order the same thing twice, there might be a difference in quality or some other minute errors. Plus, the more you buy, the cheaper each one becomes, which is also economical. You can get a quote from the homepages of the brand you plan to order from. Loomes Apparel offers reasonable quotes on relatively large orders. If you know people wearing them, you can take suggestions from them and also have an idea about the number of people wearing them. If you are getting them designed for a conference or some event, you can take sign-ups on through forms to have a fundamental idea about how many you need. Then you can also ask about the sizes they wear and communicate the dimensions chart to the brand you’re taking on board; that way, your t-shirts will be wearable, and people will look up to your choices. Colors should be dark preferably, but you can also choose lighter tones, depending upon the agenda of the events.

Design changes the game!

Design is the primary key to any brand’s success. In this world full of fifty mediocre designs, become the fifty-first. You have won half the battle if you have a design that naturally draws people towards you. Hire a professional designer to pitch designs for you or ask the company to bring them for you. This might increase your budget a little, but it will help you build a solid company image in the long run. Don’t use multiple colors as it will increase the cost, so fewer colors will do the work if the designer plays it smart. Make the font bold and clear, and make sure the designer provides you with a vector of the artwork that was pitched because things look pretty before printing, but once you have entered the printing phase, things might look different. So always get a pilot t-shirt made before you finalize the order to get an idea about how things will look post-printing.

How to get inspiration for good designs?

Art is all about inspiration. When you sit down to draw something, you rarely come up with something that isn’t already made. But, there are art pieces millions of people look at and think of different things. Each art piece is a different perspective for another person. So when you sit down to brainstorm ideas for your custom clothing, take inspiration from other places. Look at other designers’ work and try to understand how their creative space works. It will take a lot of time and effort to reach great artists’ expertise, but it will pay off. Also, don’t keep the design suggestions limited. Involve people from creative teams to develop something unique that will help you build a definite identity for your brand. Once you have multiple designs in your hands, you can either choose one of them or create something new by taking inspiration from each one of them. After all, this is how some great art pieces came into being.

Always prioritize brand image!

Your priority should always be building your business’s brand. It would help if you created an impact that forces your customers to remember you easily. By impact creation, we don’t mean pulling off extravagant measures to keep them attracted to you because those tactics usually don’t work well. Spending money won’t bring you prosperity; spending money in the right places will take your brand to heights you can’t imagine. Firstly, it is essential to give importance to your logo, so make sure whatever you are designing includes your logo. Including your logo will tell the masses about you since your logo conveys your story better than you. Then, focus on some other points. For example, figure out what is your company’s message. Think of a single sentence that speaks volumes about you and your brand. People buying your products should know the story behind your business, and considering that you need to put yourself out there in public, you need to have a strong account.

Again, look for inspiration. Conduct detailed research on how other companies have taken a similar path and are successful with everything they have done. You will get a lot of ideas. Involve your PR and marketing team with you so they can design marketing strategies and your efforts don’t go in vain.

Customized clothing is a tricky domain, and while the market is on the verge of saturation, choosing one brand amongst the oceans of brands is tough. You need to make the right decision, which is a lot of pressure. But don’t worry, when you look around, especially after being clear upon what you want, you will find what you’re looking for. It is difficult, but not impossible.

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