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Billions of people laugh their hearts out in this world and experience multiple feelings simultaneously. Someone is in love, pain, despair, or just staring at someone’s customized t-shirt, thinking, “Damn, where did they get this cool t-shirt?” With a world that progresses fastly in this age, we all have been at a place where we feel like, what if we had more great clothing choices? What if I could wear a Rick and Morty t-shirt to let people know I was a fan and that it would have been easier for me to find people with similar interests? This is why you think of starting a customized clothing business.

But then the question arises, how?

Starting a business is not child’s play. It takes effort, money, and hard work. Plus, the market is super close to saturation; you will feel like your plan isn’t good. You’re playing with your future, and to some extent, you’re correct because the market is on the verge of having too many clothing vendors. They do the same work, pitch the same ideas and deliver somewhat the same products to the market. So you have to stand out in the crowd to make your space. Loomes Apparel has compiled all the ways you need to follow when you are thinking of starting a customized clothing brand of your own.

1. Niche selection

As apparel manufacturers, you can’t be all in one. You have to pick a side. Shirts are no more “a clothing piece.” They have solid reflections of your beliefs, interests, personalities, and identities. So manufacturing t-shirts as per people’s demands is a super exciting business. There is a one percent chance of you being bored and a solid ninety-nine percent chance of exploring new sides of your business daily. It also requires meager capital investment; hence you don’t have to worry about spending your entire savings.

Any new business is like your newborn baby. You have to nurture and train it. So, your newborn needs a solid niche to have a perspective. A perspective will build your business and set the target for the future. So you can’t pick a niche randomly. This decision has to be made with attention and focus. T-shirts with memes or funny phrases are too mainstream to be practiced now, so you should pick something quirky yet exciting to attract your audiences.

You can warm up your business by targeting a group of people. For example, you can launch your business by targeting writers. You can print vintage quotes and bring back the love of classic literature by printing famous quotes by classic literary writers. Or, you can target gaming enthusiasts by printing gaming accessories on t-shirts. You can find specific slogans related to pet lovers and target a group of animal enthusiasts. This way, you’ll be able to focus on one area at one time because business is all about one step simultaneously. Moreover, you can scan social media to hunt down popular interests and hobbies or conduct a poll to find out what people are interested in. If you have any specific interests, it is also okay to take inspiration from yourself.

2. Quality over Quantity

People won’t pay you with their hard-earned money for something they can find easily. Businesses like Loomes Apparel make sure to keep their quality top-notch so that they sustain in the future. If you’re not paying attention to your quality, no matter how hard you try to attract customers, you won’t survive in the market. While building a brand, you need to give something to people who choose you because they’re generating your revenue. Sometimes, people can make mistakes, which is okay, but repetitive behavior will result in losing your customers.

When starting a business, you must be careful of your morals. You need to build some aims, set some goals and curate some rules you can’t compromise under any circumstances. People usually try to reach the top through shortcuts, which is wrong since it won’t allow them to survive in a world where a new thing is invented every day. Keeping your quality intact means you will have to invest in good quality products, and you might not receive the revenue of your business right away, but once you do, it will be long-lasting.

3. Invest in your designs

Your customer doesn’t want to buy the same thing that fifty other stores offer. As harsh as it may sound, you need to build an identity of your own. We talked about market saturation earlier in this blog, so to make your store your customers’ first choice, you have to walk the extra mile and come up with ideas that stand out in the crowd.

Sit down with yourself before you launch your business. Gather your thoughts. Decide what you want from this. Build a perspective and then come up with good ideas. Turn those good ideas into great ones because, to be very honest, there are thousands of good ideas worldwide; people don’t want good; they want great. When you plan to start a business, you have to be consistent to move towards great.

Building good designs doesn’t mean you have to create complex structures. In reality, intricate designs make everything worse. They look good in theory, but they rarely turn out to be good. So, the excellent way to do this is to sit down with a group of people with good ideas. Sit with them and discuss what you have in your mind. They’ll also discuss what they think about your thoughts, and then you’ll be able to think straight. If you have a marketing and PR team, pitch them in. They better understand the digital world, so they will give you ideas you can work on.

4. Branding

Your logo speaks volumes about who you’re. Every business has a story, and when customers come in, they want to know what the company is about. Multiple brands worldwide have a struggle story and have been a significant part of ted-talk. So, you need to come up with a story that you can express through your logo. Remember, the fashion industry changes rapidly, so you need to wear your running shoes to keep up with the pace.

Create a logo and make it an essential part of your products. You can design your t-shirts in a way that your logo is visible. This way, you’ll be marketing yourself as well.

5. Choose your designer and printer wisely

You can build great designs in theory, but there is no use if you don’t know how to implement them in reality. If you don’t know how to design, hire a professional designer. You can choose a full-time graphic designer or a freelancer to work for you. Some designs are available easily online, you can download them as templates, too but a better option is to go for a professional designer. Then, not every design can be printed on a similar printer, so you need multiple printers for multiple purposes. So, invest in the right places and make yourself visible in the market.


It will take time to establish your business, but if you choose to walk on the right path and remember the keys to success, you will reach where you want to be. Consistency, hard work and creativity will help you reach heights. Loomes Apparel has got your back!


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