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Hem tees are in fashion nowadays. If you were looking for an update from a classic tee, then a curved hem tee is just the right fit for you. If you are coming here to read this blog after the “What makes a perfect curved hem t-shirt?” we are sure you are in it for real. Therefore, it is important to cater to the question of substance which is Note for developer: Add hyperlink of the Blog-IV when uploaded on the website.

How are hem t-shirts manufactured?

The shirts with hems or t shirts with curved hem definitely don’t follow the traditional manufacturing pattern as they don’t yield the same end result. Instead, the shirt hem, which is what defines the shape, is present at the shirt’s bottom. The hem is given when the garment is folded in a manner to create a look giving a finished edge.

What are the kinds of hems?

The manufacturers of wholesale elongated t shirts with curved hem often step up and offer multiple other kinds of hems. There are three different kinds of hems in both casual and business shirts such as rounded, polo, or straight hem. Ask your manufacturer, and they’ll guide you accordingly if they can pull off the style in your mind. If not, Loomes is just one call away.

1. Rounded Hem

The casual t-shirt manufacturers USA pick the rounded hem as their most common choice by featuring a 2” rise on both sides of the shirt. This gives the t-shirt a rounded shape with curved side seams. Such rounded hems t-shirts can cost up to anything around the cost of 0$-0$ Ali Bhai, you may add these costs as per the industry.

2. Straight Hem

The casual shirts which are often worn untucked are of straight hems. It carries a straight cut across the bottom of the shirt, with side seams of 2.5” on either side. Their cost can fall from $0 to $0.

3. Polo Hem

The traditional design where the back shirt-tail is kept 1” longer in comparison with the front shirt-tail. The vents of the side seam follow the same length difference of 1”. They are mostly used for classic polo shirts costing up to $0 to $0.

The manufacturing cost of the hem tees is justifiable as they follow through a process of intricacy; from joining the shoulders, taking care of the neck rib tuck, joining the neck rib to neck, label making, back neck binding, stitching of the front neck, finishing the binding of the back neck, to hemming the sleeve, attaching the sleeves, joining the side seam with a care label, tacking the sleeves and hemming the bottom as per the requirement. It is a process dealt with much attention.

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