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Have you grown tired of loading up your wardrobe with standard hemline shirts? Yet you can not ditch the idea of wearing anything other than hem t-shirts? Worry not; you don’t have to switch your casual style anymore; just change the cut.


What do we mean?

Instead of wearing a straight cut, wear curved hem t-shirt. It has become a staple of every wardrobe, be it men or women, regardless of the event, time, or accessories it is paired up with. The rounded bottom hemline has given the name to a curved hem.


Why should you wear a Curved Hem T-shirt?

If you ought to flaunt the abs you have got after months of sweating in the gym but don’t deem to wear fitness apparel, then a curved hem will allow you to achieve the look just the same. Ask your longline t-shirt manufacturer if they can load up your clothing line. It fits you in all the right ways and can also be worn under a hoodie or a jersey. You can wear it to add as a base over which you can wear anything to layer it or to add a pop of color to your style.

How to find a perfect one?

There are multiple factors that need to be considered when you opt to pick the right casual clothing manufacturers USA to do your business of curved hem t-shirts. Check how they work on the shape, length, durability, and quality of the article.

1. Shape

The shape holds a lot of importance as it is what determines whether it will be tucked or untucked. The shape is what shows how will it look once when you wear it.

2. Quality

If there is no quality, no matter the shape or length, the article will still hold no value at all. The stitching, the fabric, and the finishing all add to the appearance of the t-shirt.

3. Length

The length is one of the visible differences; the tail is kept longer of a curved hem t-shirt to make its appearance different.

4. Durability

Until and unless your apparel doesn’t offer long life, you will not be getting repeat customers. They might buy once from you but won’t come again. So make sure you are dealing with the issue of durability with flying colors like we at Loomes are.

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