About Us

Cut-make-trim Manufacturer

We offer tailor-made designed apparel products.

Minimum Order Quantity

Delivering 50 bulk items per order.

High-class Designs

Get more in formal shirts than the market offers.

Where needs meet Style

Empower your clothing business with the right manufacturer for clothes

Loomes have been lending its relentless service by suiting the buyer’s need by offering the manufacturing of apparel products. With a world globalizing at the current rate, it is essential to make sure that businesses are keeping up with the speed world is running; therefore, we rigorously keep an eye on it, offering quality goods at the best speed as custom clothes maker. To keep up with the exquisite demands, we make sure to conduct in-depth research about the market to deliver the customer’s needs competently. As a Pakistani brand, we focus on being acknowledged on the overseas platforms with quality service provision empowering the country's export revenue while gaining the rightful recognition for the labor employed in our homeland. Our presence in the fashion industry is nearing a decade. Since its inception, we have been toiling our efforts as wholesale custom clothing suppliers, getting known in the USA for having on-board reliable clothing vendors and clothing manufacturers.


Accumulating the rightful innovation and inspiration with the spot-on machinery and reliable production warehouse, we aim to empower every clothing line to introduce its own masterpieces.


Empower the talent of Pakistan to be reflected and recognized for its part in adorning the world with exquisite apparel designs through excellent professionalism and employment of the within-country workforce in becoming the most sought-after Pakistani B2B apparel brand across the globe.

Engrave your unique eye for fashion

Compliment your brand’s personality with the apparel that suits your style

Loomes works on the principles of quality, honesty, and transparency. We put our heart and soul into our work to provide the best products to our customers. Our customers invest their trust and time in us, so we strive towards betterment each day and bring the best out of everything. While running a business, it is essential to take care of the market needs, and this is precisely what we do. We put effort into our work and add the element of innovation in the phase of t shirt manufacturer. In the manufacturing step, we check the quality through each step to deliver the best to our customers. Since we ship worldwide, we keep an eye on the latest fashion trends to keep the modernization intact in our products to grow your business as per the need of your industry. We take care of the trust that our customers put in us and bring the best out of everything, so we take a minimum order quantity of 50 bulk items per order that seldom clothing manufacturers offer. From stock, pick and pack to drop, our team runs round the clock to meet the deadlines in time, complimenting the essentials and ever-expanding growth required for a flourishing eCommerce brand.

Why do we sell?

Crunch Delivery Time

We also value our customers’ time; hence, we minimize processing time and deliver as soon as possible with a no-delay policy.

Premium Quality

We skim through the buyer’s demands, analyze them per the market needs, and then deliver top-notch products.

Cost-Effective Pricing

We offer value for the money you invest and facilitate you with the right services at competitive market costs.

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